Nataliya Kozhenova: I have a Nasha of Kisssing

Nataliya Kozhenova hot
Bollywood most sexy, hot and racy Ukrainian actress Nataliya Kozhenova is ready show her new Avatar in her upcoming movie “The City That Never Sleeps”
which is produced by Satish Reddy and Directed by Haroon Rashid. Nataliya will be seen kissing every part of the human body. The Nasha of her kissing will addict you and burn fire within which is totally sparkfull. The beautiful actress is very passionate of hard kissing.

Nataliya Said, “I’m a great believer in kissing whatever is offered, a hand, a cheek, or forehead after all you must start somewhere. Kissing is a art which express your feeling the smooth kissing is make you feel like heaven and wildest is go it show the craziness and excitement”

That’s not all. The actress also said that she is now not only comfortable with kisses but has become a believer in the love act! Nataliya had played the controversial role in film Anjuna Beach where she had played a 15-year-old girls Scarlett keeling unfortunate young foreigner who was brutally raped and murdered in Anjuna Beach on February 2, three years ago.
Nataliya Kozhenova hot
Nataliya Kozhenova hot

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