shreya dhanwantary in bikini bra hot photo + interview

Shreya Dhanwantary is best known for winning the Femina Miss India South.
She is one amongst the several women who have made the fast and smooth transition from beauty queen to an actress but what makes her stand out is her confidence, sparkling wit and honesty in thought and behaviour. Her lines are not rehearsed and she speaks her mind with amazing alacrity. The lady who has just stepped into her twenties is marking her debut with Naga Chaitanya starrer Josh and is following it up with Sneha Geetham. The actress says that she never quite understands beauty pageants despite winning the crown and is actually quite happy for having chosen acting as a career.

Shreya's mom had sent her pictures to Miss India South just for the experience and she ended up winning the title. As part of Miss India, she was asked to sign contracts to get more modeling and acting offers but she chose the big screen. She says, "I remember memorizing archaic Hindi for the audition of Mahabharat, was supposed to be Draupadi and they were quite impressed but before anything could happen, Sridhar Reddy of Madhura Entertainmentt spotted me and wanted me to be a part of Sneha Geetham. I said yes immediately."

The actress says if she wouldn't have stepped into movies, she would surely have completed MBA and would have worked for a big company like Pricewaterhouse Coopers or maybe worked towards becoming a CEO of some Company. Shreya had lived all her life in Dubai with her family and came to Warangal just to do engineering. A proper South Indian she wonders how people get bored during short gaps while shooting for a film and has in fact used all the time constructively to learn Arabic.

She says, "I can read write Telugu very well. My third language in the Middle East was Telugu."

So when is Sneha Geetham and Josh releasing? Shreya says she's ignorant about the dates but says the former is not a sequel to Happy Days as everyone are talking about. There are four boys, four girls and it's a cute story, Josh on the other hand has her playing Naga Chaitanya's best friend. It's not going to be an important role but people will definitely notice her.

She adds, "When Dil Raju, a successful filmmaker offered me the role I couldn't say no. You can't be choosy when that is being made by a big production house and is supposed to be a debut film for many youngsters."

How does she find the movie industry? Shreya replies, "People tell me to behave this way and that way, keep my distance, be reserved, don't be friendly. I don't know how to do that. If I find some one nice I talk to them. I guess some diplomacy is required to survive here. I have been a head girl in school and I want to work towards being one here too."

Shreya embodies beauty inside and outside and with a beauty title that is a good credential on her resume, true talent on her side, she's bound to go places with time

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