Gehana Vasisth visits a cancer hospital latest Photos

Controversial drama queen Gehana Vasisth known for her publicity stunts and nude photo shoots has a different side to her persona as we learnt recently.
Gehana say sources, supports an orphanage in suburban Mumbai and helps about 12 young girls get an education. She funds their costs of books, uniforms and other study material each year and has been doing so for the last two years.

She recently visited a Cancer Hospital at Bhopal with Yograj Singh, cricketer Yuvraj Singh's father and others. She is supporting several charities in Mumbai and Bhopal - from where she hails, through her personal earnings as a model and actress, says our source.

We asked Gehana about this side of her persona. She refused to speak about this aspect, but only said that she has been supporting some needy children for the last 5 years. She flatly refused to give out the name of the orphanage, saying that according to her mother, if you do any good deeds and share it or publicize it, "phir uska punya khatam ho jata hein". We learnt that Gehana visits the orphanage, once ever fortnight to make sure the girls are not lacking anything when it comes to their studies. She has arranged for a special tutor from outside to help the girls with their maths' and languages.

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